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  The Tao of Inner Outer You Harmony

Terry is a published author whose book is available in 20 countries.

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Terry Hodgkinson’s motivational inspiration comes from abundant experience in overcoming the odds. His exceptional insights on creating a meaningful life are communicated clearly with love and honesty. Terry’s message is both moving and encouraging. Our time together speaking on stage is priceless. Thanks, Terry, you are the best!

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NBA player (New York Knicks), and former Captain of the Canadian Olympic Basketball Team, Ambassador Mind Set Coach

Terry Hodgkinson is Canadian Master Trainer and Distributor for BrainTap Technologies

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Benefit from the Practice of Qigong and Vipassana Meditation with Terry

When: Next workshop to be announced shortly. Check back soon!

This 3 hour meditation session with Terry Hodgkinson will focus on two incredible practices.

  1. Qigong (Chi Kung)
  2. Vipassana (Buddha insight meditation)

Tao Travel: Journeys that Enlighten the Soul!

Join us on one of our life-changing trips to: Wudang, China or Rishikesh, India in 2017 led by Terry Hodgkinson

Wudang Mountain, China : Nov. 6 – Nov. 18, 2017

Join Terry Hodgkinson for the most amazing trip to the misty Taoist Wudang Mountains in China. You will have the opportunity to train with local masters in Qigong, Tai Chi and meditation. There will be excursions to waterfalls, enchanted forests and Taoist temples on the sacred mountain. This will not only be a journey taking you outward to China but one that will also take you inward… to the centre of your being where you will fine calm and inner peace. Terry Hodgkinson – retreat leader, Fan Yang – Chinese liaison and retreat coordinator, Zhang Fan – Female Tai Chi teacher living on Wudang Mountain and  26 Zhang Chi – The 26th Generational Master of Dragon Gate Taoism Wudang Kung Fu will all be there to provide you with only the best experience for this once in a lifetime trip!

Delhi,, Rishikesh, Agra India
Nov. 20 – Dec. 2, 2017

Awaken your Inner Guru. Transform life’s challenges and create a life you love.

After an hour of meditation, you open your eyes and gaze up at your surroundings. Everything appears richer and fuller now, more vibrant and alive. You see everything with fresh eyes. You feel more balanced and peaceful, more happy and whole.

On the way back to the retreat center, you stroll calmly and peacefully down to the banks of the holy Ganges. There you sit, quietly savoring a cup of sweet chai tea as you watch the ancient river flow on.

Now you know why someone would want to meditate in a cave. Now it’s crystal clear why you needed to come on this retreat: almost without your realizing it, the rich soils of ancient India have reshaped your thinking and changed your entire world.

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About Terry

Terry J. Hodgkinson is an author, corporate trainer, experienced speaker, exceptional martial arts and meditation teacher, instructor, hypnotherapist and personal coach.

Through his 32 years of operational research in the dynamic of mind, body and spirit harmony, he has become an expert on the MindFit Zone.

While living in Toronto, Canada he took many sabbaticals to the Far East where he developed an in-depth understanding of East-West philosophy.

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