Terry J. Hodgkinson
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About Terry

Not Just Your Average Ninja

Quick Facts About Terry Hodgkinson

Terry is known as the Wandering Ninja from his published book, Memoirs of a Wandering Ninja – Walking the Path of Enlightenment.

Other accomplishments of Terry’s include:

TV and radio personality

Business owner

Keynote speaker

Corporate trainer

MindFit consultant


Certified Reiki master teacher

Meditation teacher

Martial arts teacher

World traveler

Terry’s true passion however is leading groups of people on transformational retreats, journeys and adventures to some of the most beautiful and high energy places around in world.

Learn more about Terry’s upcoming international retreats: Tao Journeys

Extended Bio

Terry Hodgkinson’s pursuit of excellence started at age twelve when he entered martial arts training. He went on to become a martial arts and meditation master instructor and has owned multiple schools over fifteen years.

After experiencing the power of the mind through martial arts and meditation, Terry expanded his knowledge and business experience by opening and operating Positive Changes Coaching & Hypnotherapy Centre in Toronto. He received his master’s certification in Psycho-linguistics and hypnotherapy from Dr. Patrick Porter. Terry also trained with Dr. Tad James at Advanced Neuro-Dynamics and with Dr. John Grinder, the co-founder of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Terry worked in healing circles and sweat lodges with the First Nations Ojibwa People and studied in over a hundred different temples, ashrams and schools worldwide, developing a deep respect for all of his teachers.

In 2008, Terry was appointed vice-president of training for Dr. Patrick Porter’s company PorterVision, the creators of the BrainTap Neuro-Trainer™ and Self Mastery Technology®, a creative visualization relaxation system that assists people in achieving personal mastery. Terry and Dr. Porter partnered up to teach the powerful concept of “Training Your Brain for Change” in seminars and speaking engagements.

With the publishing of his book, Memoirs of a Wandering Ninja –Walking the Path of Enlightenment and the creation of his personal achievement programs, Terry has made his knowledge and experience available to a larger audience while also providing personal life coaching sessions to an international clientele.

Terry’s seminars, courses and retreats promote health and well-being. His unique style and devotion to his clients and students have given him an outstanding reputation. Some of his highly acclaimed seminars and retreats include: Break Through and Succeed, Training your Brain for change, Qi Qong Wellness, Women’s Assault Prevention, Meditation and Awareness, and the Satori Awakening Intensive. Terry can tailor his seminars for specific requests. He also offers his services as a speaker and personal MindFit Coach.

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